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Don't go too far back.



Min Min (ARMS)

A member of ramen royalty, she hails from the famed Mintendo Noodle House! Her spicy kicks are known to knock down her opponents’ attacks. Can her fiery personality bring the championship belt home to her family’s restaurant?! 

Min Min, from ARMS

What's The Use Of Feeling Blue?
Yes, of course we still love her,
And we’re always thinking of her.
Don’t you know I miss her too?
But tell me,
What’s the use of feeling…
Luna Waning
i really liked one of the sketches i did for an expression art meme thing so i colored it
Expression Sketches
saw an expression meme thing and decided i would give a go at some of them with my seluna characters. i drew c6, then a2, then d3.
Grass Type Beauty Contest - Round 2
Saw Tsareena and immediately decided to make a follow up to the Lurantis thing I drew when it was announced.

My entire sun/moon team is going to be weak to fire, I can feel it.
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  • Playing: smash bros
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It's been around 3.5 years since I really got into spriting, and since I've gotten to the point where people ask me for tips/tutorials sometimes I decided to write something up about my experience learning/improving upon my spriting abilities. I'm writing this partially for myself, and partially as a sort of guide/inspiration post for beginning spriters. Throughout this entry I'll be linking a lot of my spriting work, old and new.

When beginning spriters ask me for help and I take a look at what they have, I'm reminded of some of my first real (or attempted) spriting projects, back in like late 2010/early 2011. Stuff like the Ancient Minister and Konata (JUS edit attempt, semi-custom attempt). Even somewhat later stuff from early 2012, like my JUS edited Kanade and Kat, neither of which I'm particularly proud of despite the (relatively) obscene amount of views/favorites they have. Very simplistic, small, busy palettes and detailing, and either edited from commonly used sprites or badly customed. Around this time I was telling myself "If I have a base to work with, I can pretty much do whatever." I had very little faith in my ability to make sprites from scratch, and my largest projects to date (R.O.B. and Pichu, Smash Bros sheets for Super Smash Bros Crusade) both had existing bases that I edited and worked from.
After finishing said projects, I decided to expand on my talents a bit while having fun, and make a bunch of sprites of anime characters I liked. I found a couple good bases and just edited for hours on end. This resulted in some decent sprites (Nichijou, Angel Beats!), which were definitely leagues better than the JUS edits I made just a year before, but still not particularly impressive; anyone can edit a sprite into something else. It just takes references, colors, and patience. 
Around this point I had the idea of Miyazaki Mash (or rather, decided to expand on someone else's idea), which turned into my first real attempt at custom spriting. It was very challenging at first; Totoro, the first one I made out of the bunch, was remade around 3 times throughout the process of making all the bases, and there's a definite disparity in quality between some of the earlier ones and the later ones. It did force me to gain experience with a lot of different anatomies and palettes, something I hadn't really dealt with before (and before this I always told myself I'd never be able to sprite humans from scratch). The most important thing it did though was prove that I could do something other than edit, which was a very important step forward. 

By this point I decided to try out some more styles, and ended up making some Cucumber Quest sprites (it being one of my favorite webcomics), as well as revisiting my Ancient Minister sprite. Eventually I stayed up with a friend one night while she was writing an essay and I decided to sprite Ryuko from Kill la Kill, which inadvertently ended up defining my process and what I now call my particular "style". As I mentioned before, there's a 3.5 year gap between when I started, when everything I made was a messy jumble of pixels, and now, when I actually look at the sprites I make and can say I'm proud of what I made. It wasn't an easy process and a lot of people from several communities helped me along the way.

On a slightly different note, for the longest time I've had difficulty getting started on spriting projects because, until a sprite is 95% done, I don't like how it looks at all and criticize literally every part of it, even at the skeleton/outline stages when you can't tell how the finished product will really look. Here's a sort of collection of in-progress stages of my most recent sprite; until I hit some point between the 9th and 10th step (just as I started filling in colors), I was convinced it was going to come out terribly, the anatomy would be off, the pose wouldn't look right, etc. This is basically what keeps me from spriting more often - hating how it looks until it's basically finished, constantly nitpicking until there's nothing I have a problem with anymore. My original fix was to just sprite late at night (like 1-3am), when i wasn't awake enough to criticize it while I worked, but now I can just look at the last couple things I made and say "Yeah, I think it'll turn out fine", even though I still hate how it looks during the entire process. Basically the point of this paragraph was, don't quit in the middle of something just because it's not quite right yet, because when you're done with it it'll have to look good to you.


Detta Drifloon
United States
I'm Dettadeus, Detta or Det for short. Aspiring spriter and game developer. Drifloon was my favorite Pokemon until 5th gen came around, which explains the deviantArt name and gratuitous amounts of Drifloon fanart in the basement of my gallery.

My primary project currently is a game called Super Smash Brothers Crusade (a link to the forum is listed as my website). Boasting 47 characters and a plethora of stages in the most recent public demo (and a planned roster upwards of 80 characters), Online play supporting up to 4 players, and several 1-Player modes such as Classic, SSBC is one Smash Brothers fangame you don't want to miss out on. Currently there is only windows support, but the next public demo may come with a Mac port.

Secondary projects include:
•Miyazaki Mash - A crossover fighting/story game featuring characters from across the Studio Ghibli universe. Currently in the planning stages, although I occasionally work on sprites for the characters which can be found in my gallery.
•RMS - A basic platformer where you take on the role of RMS, a cybernetic weapon created by the military. Your goal is to traverse the ocean and break things. Has a basic engine finished as well as a good amount of sprite progress, but is heavily backlogged due to my work on SSBC.


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Happy birthday, :icondrifloonfanatic:!
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Heya, remember me?
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Is your Ai-no-Uta-Subspace-AMV still existent in youtube ?
drifloonfanatic Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
uhhh, the channel i had it up on got removed for copyright violations since apparently sony doesn't like AMVs. so unfortunately, no it isnt.
ProfMadness Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thats a shame.
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
You know something Detta I've been thinking, how about never mind making me and :iconangelshadow3593: as co-founders of your group 'cause I have a better idea how about I'll try to open my own group and become a founder and I'll name it after your group "SuperSmashBrosCrusade" to represent that your original group is reborn again and I'll soon make you as my co-founder would you like that?

But as soon as I figure out how to open my own group
drifloonfanatic Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
i'm not entirely sure what you didn't get from my previous response but the crusade group on deviantart has been dead for two years, there is no point in making a new one or reviving the current one because there is no reason for us to have one. we no longer post our sprites on deviantart, which was the original purpose of the group. we don't particularly want to be associated with the sorts of things you're doing in the first place, and have no particular interest in showing off a bunch of old brawl gifs and fanart of other games.
on top of all that, you're not even giving the game good press to begin with - calling it something like "Ultimate Extreme Online Flash Game of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL" (Also known as "SUPER SMASH BROS. CRUSADE")" is completely incorrect, as it is neither based on brawl, nor is it coded in flash, like super smash flash, nor is it playable online (meaning in the browser - online P2P connection is a feature we boasted even before smash flash, though). the name is simply "Super Smash Bros Crusade", nothing more and nothing less.
on top of all this, i don't know why you want to make a group under our name that sounds like it will be identical to the ssf2 group you already run. it just seems pointless.

so the tl;dr is, we would rather the group stay dead so we won't be allowing you to contribute, and we also would rather you not make a new group under our name for the same purpose. if you're so passionate about the game then you can join the forum (… and discuss it there.
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey Detta I've been through a lot of thinking of what you said before and I've decided You're right that is pointless I mean I was only trying to help someone to be a somebody again or trying to let everyone know about the existence of SSBC but I completely forgot that SSBC is already be well known in my group that I already run.

I just thought I can help you and your group to be somebody again 'cause I felt pretty bad of hearing that your group is dead but I didn't realize that this is your own choice, so I'm sorry for all the trouble gave you but thank you so much for telling me that and showing me that my group is the one and only place where I can help someone to be notice, so please come back and visit my group again to play some flash brawl :)

And P.S. I still find Super Smash Bros Crusade very awesome and extreme :D

and :iconangelshadow3593: If you see this in your mention feedback, never mind of showing me how to open my own group 'cause I decided to cancel that plan, so sorry for the trouble and let get back of what we always do best is running our one and only group :iconsupersmashflash2:
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello there it's me the co-founder of :iconsupersmashflash2: and I just join in your group and I can't find the contribute button anywhere so can you help me out?
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